NREL - National Renewable Energy Laboratory | Industry Growth Forum October 28-29, 2014 | Denver - Colorado
The Industry Growth Forum is the premier event for clean energy startups to maximize their exposure to receptive venture capital, corporate investors, and strategic partners.
Dan Arvizu standing at a podium announcing the 26th Annual Industry Growth Forum winners. Two gentleman speaking to each other in front of a stage with people waiting in line to speak with them. A gentleman standing on a stage at a podium in front of a panel of men facing him. A gentleman showing another gentleman a presentation on an iPad during the 26th annual Industry Growth Forum. A panelist at the Industry Growth Forum sitting at a table with a microphone to addresses a speaker. Multiple people sitting at round tables having various discussions during the one-on-one sessions at the Industry Growth Forum.

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory will present the 27th Industry Growth Forum October 28 - 29, 2014

The upcoming 27th Annual Industry Growth Forum will feature presentations from 30 emerging clean energy companies, provocative panels led by thought leaders, one-on-one meetings, and organized networking opportunities. Since the Forum began, it has grown to be the perfect venue for growing companies to prepare, refine, and present their businesses to a wide range of investors. Each year, the best presenters are awarded cash prizes and commercialization services from NREL. This focus on clean energy innovation is having an impact on the industry—since 2003, the presenting prototype, pre-commercial, and expanding cleantech companies who have presented have collectively raised more than $5 billion in growth financing.

To see the list of presenters from NREL's 26th Forum, please visit: 2013 IGF Presenting Companies.

To learn more about NREL's technology partnership and commercialization programs, see its Technology Transfer website.

We find the NREL Forum to be one of the most 'entrepreneur-friendly' in the sector. While there is significant rigor to the selection and mentoring process, there is also recognition of the collaborative nature of the relationship between companies and investors.

Joyce M. Ferris, Blue Hill Partners, LLC
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